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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another day another rofl

im awake its 8:00 and im tired im godamn tired i went to slleep around 4 30 am.
So i woke up and i went to the bathroom to do the normal personal hygene stuff when i noticed, there was a dead dog in my bathroom, so i looked around expecting to see someone doing this as a joke, but there was noone there. so i picked up the dog and threw it out my window and proceeded to brush my teeth when i then again saw one of the most horrid things in my life, it was some sort of living creature he said his name was candlejack, he also said he is sick and tired of all the jokes people have been saying about him and he doesn't want to be an internet sensation anymore, so i said get the hell out of my house, but to a certain extent I could ha-